Company Background

Brick Doctor is a specialty masonry contractor serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, created in 1986 primarily to meet the unique masonry needs of homeowners, but also property managers, Realtors, and other businesses.

Prior to that time, finding a dependable and trustworthy mason to perform small jobs or repairs was difficult, if not impossible. Brick Doctor has since revolutionized this niche industry, earning a reputation for excellence with over 20,000 satisfied customers—including local municipalities, property management companies, businesses, and countless homeowners.

Co-founder and President James Jennings has served as the company’s General Manager since its inception. James and the entire staff are dedicated to providing absolute top-quality work, and a level of professionalism unmatched in the industry.

James says, “Our Project Managers’ first priority is to educate our customers, give them choices, and propose to do what we would want done if it were our own home.”

In addition to the skills and working knowledge of a typical masonry contractor, Brick Doctor has developed the special expertise needed to perform remedial work, such as:

  • Crack Repair – proper diagnosis and repair of settling cracks, vehicle damage, or deterioration of brick and mortar; addition of expansion joints.
  • Mortar Matching – alternating different sand, mortar, dyes.
  • Brick Matching – extensive inventory and numerous suppliers help insure size, color, and texture closely match the originals.
  • Stain Removal – chemicals and equipment to safely remove excess mortar, mold and mildew, rust, graffiti, efflorescence, and many other stains.
  • Water Leaks – inspections and leak tests to diagnose and correct masonry, flashing, and caulking problems.
  • Fireplace & Chimney Problems – deterioration of firebox and/or chimney components, inadequate draw (smoking into room), lightning damage, etc.
  • Arch Failures – diagnosis and remedy of cracked or falling brick archways or brick oven door openings.

Repairs, modifications, and additions to existing brickwork (or other masonry structures) require special considerations in order to maintain property values. Brick Doctor is eager to see that your project be done in such a way as to uphold, or even improve, the beauty and structural integrity of your home or office.

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