Brick Mailbox Design Options

The Brick Doctor pros can help you design a mailbox that best meets your needs and budget. Even the most basic flat-top brick mailbox can be a very handsome addition to your landscape, but you may want to consider several other factors relating to quality, style, and function.

In designing your brick mailbox, you may want to consider these optional features to enhance or personalize it to your liking:

1. Arched Top. A rounded shape on top may be best, usually designed to compliment or match an arched entrance or arched windows on the home.

Standard Arch.

A semi-circle shape made with saw-cut, pie-shaped brick in the radius.

Precision brick cuts are made with a diamond-tipped masonry saw, and allow more evenly spaced mortar joints, for a most professional look.

A standard arch top on a brick mailbox
Notice the precise brick cuts and fine detail in this brick mailbox topped by a standard arch. Poor-quality arches use varying widths of mortar to make up for poor–or no– brick cuts.

Eyebrow Arch.

A much flatter arch than a semi-circle, shaped more
like—you guessed it—an eyebrow!

An Eyebrow Arch top on a brick mailbox
An eyebrow arch tops off this brick mailbox beautifully.

2.  Steeple Top. This shape comes to a point at the top, much like a gable on a house. Saw cuts are necessary for professional-looking results.

A brick mailbox with a steeple top application of bricks
A steeple top tops off this brick mailbox, complimenting the home’s gables.

3. Projecting Courses. These can add definition to the structure at the top and/or bottom for added depth or interest.

Brick mailbox with projecting course of bricks
A projecting course of bricks adds a design dimension to this brick mailbox.

4. Planter Boxes. These may extend on one or both sides to accommodate flowers or other plantings.  The planter box section must  have a concrete foundation under it as well.

A brick planter box built with a brick mailbox
A planter box compliments this brick mailbox design. Caveat–the plants inside do require extra care!

5. Quoin Corners. One or more courses of brick that indent or protrude, to match the design of some homes’ corners.

Quoin corners in a brick mailbox design
Quoin Corners add a design dimension to this brick mailbox.

6. House Numbering Options. Several numbering options are available to clearly identify your address.

Cast Stone Number Block
This is the most popular option, as it beautifully and permanently displays your house number in a most visible way for your guests or emergency personnel.

Brick Mail Box with Cast Stone Number block
The cast stone number block is the best option for making your address highly visible from the street. This is the most popular upgrade for our customers.

7. Cast Stone Cap. A custom-made white cast stone pyramid-style cap for flat-top masonry structures.

A Cast Capstone tops a Beautiful Brick Mailbox Design
A Cast Capstone creates an attractive finish for a brick mailbox.

8. Lockable Security Boxes. Click here for more info

9. Custom Designs.  Have a special design request?  No problem… feel free to submit a picture of one you like, or perhaps even a simple sketch of your own ideas.  Our artisans can build any design of your choosing.

Do you have questions that were not answered here?  Feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help. Perhaps the  pictures below will stir your thinking more. Let us know if we can do anything to help you!

There are many options for a great custom brick mailbox…we would be happy to help you design the perfect match to your home.
Double Brick Mailbox with Brass Plates Tucked into Brick Landscaping Wall
You probably don’t need a double box but you can certainly mix a brick mailbox with a variety of landscaping and fencing details.