Chimney Cap Tips

Every chimney needs a cap. Without one, rainwater enters the fireplace every time it rains, potentially rusting out the damper or causing other problems (See more details at Fireplaces & Chimneys).

A simple and economical clamp-on type cap can provide this basic protection. They are usually available in season at your local hardware store, and can usually be installed by the average do-it-yourselfer.

Most chimney sweeps can also provide and install these caps for a reasonable fee when they are cleaning your chimney.

It might make sense to call your professional brick repair company, especially if you suspect you may need any repairs beyond cleaning. Call Brick Doctor.  We can take a look at your brick and chimney crown and appraise it for wear and tear, and offer you some good options for a chimney cap.

More elaborate, custom caps are also available which protect the entire crown.  These can be quite beautiful and protect your chimney better but are significantly more expensive.

These custom caps should be installed with masonry anchors drilled into the brick, rather than tying them on with bailing wire to nails.  Wire rusts in a few years, and will allow the cap to blow off the chimney…and nails can wedge into mortar and separate brick from mortar.

Any good cap is a good investment though, as it will help prevent costly long-term damage to the fireplace.

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