In addition to offering free estimates for repair work to homeowners and businesses within our service area, Brick Doctor is also available for other types of consultations. For a fee, we can inspect chimneys, provide expert opinions on masonry performed by others, or offer advice and guidance about other masonry restoration or repair issues.

This option may be especially helpful if you are not the property owner, but are considering buying a property that may have some potential problems. Whether you are having a new home built and have concerns about the methods or materials being used—or you are considering buying an older home with some possible deficiencies—we can assess the quality of the masonry and determine if any corrective work is needed. Upon request, we can also provide you with written masonry inspection reports, fireplace inspection reports, and/or professional opinion letters to document any problems we may find.

We’re here to help – If we can help you with any of these services, please give us a call or click to request an appointment today!  Contact Us