Meet Our Team

An introduction to some of our key personnel you may be working with…

David Andrews, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – An excellent brick and stone mason who joined us in 2006 with over 20 years of relevant masonry experience.  David has also become a chimney and arch expert.  Customers enjoy witnessing his work ethic and his eagerness to please them, and often write in to compliment him.
Chuck Blevins, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – A sought-after commercial masonry foreman who joined Brick Doctor in 2004, Chuck is highly qualified for structural repairs and jobs requiring shoring or complicated scaffolding. He has a gentle and humble spirit and is deeply committed to our second-mile philosophy…also a customer favorite for many years.
Kenny Hall, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – Kenny joined us in early 2007 with over 25 years of commercial and residential masonry experience, including running his own successful masonry business for much of his career.  Extremely knowledgable, very sharp, very talented, and eager to please…another customer favorite.  Kenny “gets it”…he understands he has a higher calling, and it affects everything he does in a positive way.
James Jennings, President/General Manager since 1986 – Signs checks and sweeps the floors. James says, “Call on me any time… I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions on how we might improve our service.”
Scott Jennings, Project Manager, NETC, North Dallas/Plano. Scott grew up with Brick Doctor, joining us full-time in 2015 upon earning his BBA from Abilene Christian in 2012 and serving three years in banking. He became full-time PM in 2016 after completing his training apprenticeship with Chuck. He is creative, detail-oriented, and eager to please. Scott loves the challenges of each job, and engaging with his customers to do whatever it takes to help solve their brick and masonry problems.
Nicole Martin, Customer Service Manager – Nicole schedules most of your initial appointments and helps communicate important details between you and your Project Manager. She’s knowledgeable, kind, and always helpful. She has a good understanding of your most common concerns, so feel free to call Nicole for answers–and if she can’t help, she’ll direct you to someone who can!
Robby Rux, Sr. Project Manager, Fort Worth/Arlington – an extremely dedicated masonry professional with over 20 years of commercial and residential experience, Robby joined us in 2007.  His skills and selfless attitude make him a pleasure to work with, and his generosity encourages all of us to find the true joy in serving others and giving back.
Clif Robison, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – A 1991 Distinguished Service Award* winner, Clif is an amazingly skilled tradesman and has been with Brick Doctor since 1989.  He is definitely among the most experienced repair masons in the region…very knowledgeable and dedicated to the task, yet very personable and well-liked among our customers (just don’t expect him to be available on week-ends during deer season!).
Dan Simmons, Project Manager, Northeast D/FW area – A true craftsman who joined us in 2000 as a Repair Specialist, finally accepting the challenge to become a Project Manager in early 2011.  An absolute artist with brick and mortar, Dan is meticulous with job details–truly looking out for each customer’s best interests.  Dan is deeply committed to doing what is right in the sight of all men and is always calling us to a higher level of service. (He could also be a fishing guide!)
Tony Sisk, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – Tony joined Brick Doctor in 2009 after a lengthy tenure with renowned Fort Worth masonry contractor S&S Masonry, upon their owner’s retirement. His experience with cast stone and all types of high-end residential masonry has proven invaluable. Customers love his personality, incredible craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We all hope Tony stays at Brick Doctor until his own retirement!
Mike Stedman, Masonry Repair Specialist Foreman – The epitome of a humble servant…worthy of much praise for his magical repair work and amazing attitude, but never seeking any attention for himself. Mike joined Brick Doctor in 1995, was recipient of the Distinguished Service Award* in 2000, and is often requested by repeat customers.
Philip Strzinek, Project Manager, Dallas/Irving – Although we couldn’t convince Phil to join us as a Project Manager until 2005, his history with Brick Doctor goes back to the 1980s when he was one of our first repair masons…very experienced, very well liked, with a heart of gold. Phil is always the first to volunteer for “pro bono” work and service projects in the community, and will do just about anything for anyone at any time.
*While several more of the individuals listed above are worthy candidates, Brick Doctor has given the Distinguished Service Award to only four recipients to date. It is not an annual award, but a rare honor given for years of loyal and dedicated service, outstanding workmanship, and positive, unselfish attitude.

Our “stuffed staff” at the annual Brick Doctor Christmas Dinner, this one held at Buca di Beppo Restaurant in Southlake.