Bricks & Water Repellents

Most brick walls need to “breathe” to allow condensation to escape as water vapor.  If you want your brick to shed water better, we recommend the use of siloxane-based water repellents for most masonry applications because they effectively prevent water molecules from penetrating the brick while maintaining the brick’s  ability to breathe.

Thus, moisture is not trapped below the surface of the brick.  Siloxane absorbs into the brick and provides hydrophobic protection even beneath the surface. Siloxane can last up to 10-15 years between applications, and normally does not change the bricks’ appearance.

Put simply, a Siloxane- based Water Repellent Allows Water Vapor to Escape from behind the Brick…. but Stops Water from Entering the face of the Brick.

Other water repellants typically “seal” the pores of the bricks’ surface, preventing any moisture behind the wall from escaping. They also may last only 6-12 months, and typically make brick appear darker or glossy.

If you need to waterproof your brick, take the time to find the right chemical for the job, and perform a small test on a non-conspicuous area first to make sure you get the results you want.

If you feel you need to treat your brick please call us.  We can help you solve your problem and keep your brick looking great.

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