The Brick Doctor Process – What To Expect

Our hope is that once you understand our strengths and limitations, you’ll decide we are the company you want to hire. If so, from start to finish, please feel free to expect a lot from us.

When you call, email, or send us an online request, we’ll take down your information and set up an appointment for a Project Manager to come out, inspect and diagnose your masonry issues, and write up an estimate.

We strongly suggest you meet with us during  the inspection to allow for direct dialogue. We want to minimize any opportunity for misunderstandings; and a face-to-face meeting gives us our best chance for this.

You will receive the estimate within a few days, if not on-the-spot. Our estimates are thorough and detailed and take time to prepare properly. These estimates do have certain limitations. Our initial inspection may not include a complete analysis of all potential problems… for example, if we are inspecting your chimney and it is particularly tall and/or the roof is a steep pitch.  Nor does the free estimate ever include leak-testing. However, in all but the rarest circumstances, we can design a scope of work from this initial service call, and give you a written bid for your project.

Small jobs are okay with us. Don’t be timid about small jobs…we’re happy to help you repair just one brick!  And for mailboxes and many small jobs, we have standard pricing and can send you a proposal without you having to wait to schedule an appointment.

We also do large and complex projects. We have the expertise and the manpower to handle big commercial repair projects, large chimneys that require scaffolding setups and brick arch repairs that require structural stabilization during the repair process. And we are fully insured against all types of risks associated with complex projects.

We streamlined the process for repairing and replacing brick mailboxes. The recommended scope of work will be outlined in writing. We will, when applicable, work from digital pictures of the brick mailbox to help us size up the particulars–brick matching, foundation issues, mailbox inserts, etc.–to assess the challenges and get an estimate into your hands more quickly.

We also do fee-based consultations and evaluations. Our experts are available for consultations on properties you may want to evaluate. This option may be particularly useful if you suspect a brick or chimney problem on a property you are considering for purchase.

A quick caveat to better set expectations… please be patient with us. In the busy seasons all good service companies will have some backlog, and we are no exception. We work through a rigorous process to make sure projects get done right…efficiently and effectively. Some are in a hurry and expect us there the next day. The speed of the internet has helped shape expectations about how fast things gets done, and modern technology has helped us communicate faster; but many parts of the brick repair process are just old-fashioned hard work, and take time. Estimates take time. The setup process and finding and preparing materials takes time. And finally, the actual repair process takes time.

Unfortunately, Brick Doctor is not for everyone… if getting your job done tomorrow is your first priority, please call someone who has no backlog. Our best fit for a customer is one who believes getting it done right is more important than getting it done today. Many of our jobs involve redoing the work of other contractors who were both cheap and quick.

It could take up to two weeks or more to schedule a time for our initial visit during peak periods. If you are willing to wait, we trust you won’t be disappointed. And if you do have a legitimate emergency, we will try to accommodate you on a rush basis–but expect that extra charges may apply.

Check Us Out!

Like Ronald Reagan once advised, “Trust, but verify.”  We’d like to convince you that you can expect great quality and service from Brick Doctor on your project.  But don’t take our word for it…

Ask your neighbors and friends, consult with the Better Business Bureau (click the icon in the right margin to check us out on the BBB site), check out our reviews on Angie’s list or Customer Lobby (in the right sidebar). We also have customer references.  You might also find our information on How to Hire a Contractor useful.

So how and when does Brick Doctor execute your project? We need your authorization to proceed; once you have carefully read the proposal and reviewed the scope of work, along with any sketches, feel free to follow up with any unanswered questions or concerns. If all is agreeable, sign and date the proposal and mail or email it back to us ASAP so we can get your job started right away.

As soon as authorized, we will begin the job behind the scenes by locating any special materials needed, such as matching brick. If we are responsible for cleaning up debris from an accident (such as vehicle damage to a brick wall or mailbox, or a chimney struck by lightning), we will expedite that process to secure the area and make it more presentable while you wait.

Finding the right brick, scheduling the right crew, and getting the job done right could take one to four weeks (or in rare circumstances even longer), so ask your Project Manager for an estimated date of completion, and expect the possibility of delays beyond our control.

Brick Doctor’s masons are highly skilled craftsmen, with specialized training in restoration and remedial work. And for small rebuild projects such as mailboxes, you’ll be happy to notice a marked difference in the craftsmanship of a Brick Doctor mailbox. Once we begin work, we’ll stay on the job until finished, protecting your surrounding property, and cleaning up behind us.

We want you to be delighted with our work. If there is any concern at all, please call us…we are happy to answer questions or correct something that might have been missed in the process. Once in a while something may be overlooked, as we are human…but we strive for perfection and are happy to address any concern you may have.

How will you be billed? Rarely will we require payment up front–especially on small jobs–as we don’t want you to be anxious or uncomfortable while waiting to see how the job turns out. But we may ask for a small down payment as a commitment.

Once the job is completed and meets your expectations, please be considerate and pay promptly by check or money order, Visa, or MasterCard (convenience fees may apply for credit card payments). And, again, if you are not happy about something just call us and let us make it right or help alleviate your concerns.

Bottom line, we want you 100% happy with your Brick Doctor experience. We also want you to feel that when you hire us, and the job is done and you have paid for it…well, the job is not necessarily over. We want you to be totally satisfied, both now, and for years to come. Always feel free to contact us with any concern you may have, both now and in the future. Once done, we may ask for a straight-talking survey from you, usually by email.