Customer Service Pledge

What You can Expect from Brick Doctor


“The Best Surprise is No Surprise.”

Like the old Holiday Inn, we want you to know what to expect up front. Upon meeting with you about your masonry problems and concerns, a suggested scope of work will be outlined clearly in a proposal, and likely on accompanying sketches or pictures. It’s very important that we understand and agree upon the scope of work, which will be outlined in writing. Many details may be discussed during your original visit, but only the written agreement is the basis of our agreed scope of work, so make sure you are comfortable with it before signing. The price quoted is the final price, so unless additional work is needed or requested— beyond what was originally proposed—we will not charge you more than we quoted.

Queuing Line Philosophy

If you’ve ever been stuck in the “slow” line at the bank or grocery store, you too, are a fan of companies who try to maintain a sense of fairness in who gets served next. Generally, it is our practice to schedule and complete jobs in the order we receive them. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any true emergency, but please respect our basic aim to serve those first who have been waiting in line the longest.

Open Communication

We do a lot of jobs, and each one has numerous details to attend to, so we are usually very busy. But once you have committed to us by authorizing your work, we promise to try to keep you informed of what to expect and when. Your Project Manager (PM) will call you to give you an approximate wait time, go over any other necessary job details, and offer his cell phone number in case you need to reach him when away from the office. When your turn approaches, we’ll propose a job date so you can be there, if you prefer. We’ll try not to bother you with details you may not be interested in, but will try to keep you informed of the basics of what we are doing on your job. Bottom line is… We want to keep you as informed as you want to be, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Your Satisfaction is Important.

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied…better yet, delighted! And we’re willing to go the extra mile to earn your approval! However, we cannot guarantee everyone’s satisfaction because: a) Repair work is sometimes impossible to match perfectly, b) Some problems with the original construction cannot be fully rectified with a limited-scope repair, and c) A very small percentage of customers simply have unrealistic expectations. But test us on this: We will bend over backwards to make every reasonable effort to ensure your expectations have been met, and hopefully surpassed! If you have the slightest disappointment with any of our completed work, please let us know.

When We Make a Mistake…

We are striving for perfection, but so far we have not achieved it! We are human, so we still make some mistakes. However, when we do, we promise to do our best to make things right. If you have a disappointment about any aspect of the job, please don’t assume it was intentional, or that it can’t be fixed. Just give us a call, or send us an email. We definitely want to get it right the first time, but also are ready and willing to come back as needed to make corrections and try to gain your approval!