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Brick Doctor has extensive experience building, replacing, repairing and restoring brick fences, monument signs and guard houses.

Over the years, Brick Doctor has worked with dozens of HOAs and Property Managers and we are accustomed to their needs.

Brick Fences/Screening Walls

There are several different types of brick fences, some designs being more durable than others. It is crucial for the integrity and durability of the fence to be repaired correctly. Whether there is vehicle damage, deterioration or structural failure, large scale or small, Brick Doctor can help assess the structure and tailor the most effective repair option for your fence.

How Our Project Repair Process Works

After scheduling an appointment with one of Brick Doctor’s Project Managers (PMs), an initial inspection of the fence will be made. The fence design, and the strengths and weaknesses, will be pointed out to help the client understand how the wall should function. This understanding will allow the client to choose the scope of repair with the PM, as each HOA may seek a variety of types of repairs based on their priorities and short/long term goals.


Repaired screen wall looks like new.
Quality brick and mortar repairs to a screen wall restore the original beauty.

Brick Doctor then Provides a Free Detailed Proposal

After the assessment, Brick Doctor’s PM will provide a free detailed proposal covering the scope of repairs. Though details can be overwhelming, Brick Doctor believes that details protect the client. Each part of the job requires careful thought and planning, and our clients aren’t charged for anything not included in the scope. Brick Doctor will obtain necessary permits from the city and engineer reports on an as-needed basis.

We cooperate closely with HOA management and each Homeowner.

During every job, Brick Doctor follows a set of customer service guidelines. However, when serving an HOA and the job affects multiple households, there are additional guidelines that must be met. Over the years Brick Doctor has fine-tuned its processes to convenience the HOA and each homeowner affected.

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Damaged screen wall before repairs.
Damaged brick screen wall column before repairs


screen wall after brick repairs.
Here is the same screen wall and column after repairs.


damaged screen wall
Wind damaged screen wall needs secure brick and mortar restoration.


damaged screen wall section after repairs
This is a closer up image of the repairs to the damaged screen wall shown just above.

So to repeat ourselves, call today for an appointment or to learn more about Brick Doctor HOA / property management processes. We are pleased to assist you.