Our Low Price Guarantee

Brick Doctor’s Attitude on Discounts

Our pricing is designed to compete with any other legitimate business performing similar work. If you have several masonry issues in need of attention, we can also break down the scope of work into separate options, if you want to consider authorizing some now and some later (for budgeting purposes).

Alternatively, allowing us to do one larger-scale project at the same time and location does often allow some cost savings, which we pass on to you in the form of discounted options.

Since our aim is to offer very competitive pricing on every job, there is no “extra room” for offering general discounts. We simply do not mark up our prices in order to give away arbitrary discounts. However, we do occasionally consider need-based candidates for special discount consideration.

That said, Let’s talk about our Low Price Guarantee

In keeping with our goal of offering you top quality brickwork and excellent service at the best possible price, Brick Doctor now guarantees you a competitive low price! We believe you won’t find a better value anywhere in the Metroplex. Apples for apples, brick for brick, we simply will not be undersold!

If you are offered a better deal from a qualified competing contractor, we will gladly match or beat that price.

To take advantage of this opportunity, just furnish the following documentation to qualify your masonry repair:

  1. Contractor’s original written bid (complete with sketches) showing price, terms, and scope of work (bid current within 30 days). Terms, scope and conditions must be equal, including warranty and insurance requirements.
  2. Confirmation that Contractor is a legitimate local business, and is an accredited member in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau.
  3. An original Certificate of Insurance issued directly from Contractor’s agent to you, the customer, showing proof of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverage on your jobsite (please include an envelope from the insurance company showing postmark).