Brick Matching Tips

Matching brick can be a lot like trying to match wallpaper—even if you know the manufacturer still makes it—each run may look slightly different.  For this reason, when you build a new house it’s usually a good idea to keep a few extra (100?) in case you ever need a brick repair.

If you need brick for a repair, but don’t have any, we do not recommend you try to locate the brick yourself, as it can be a most time-consuming and frustrating experience!  The size, color, and texture are all important, but if your blend has many colors in it, it will be somewhat more forgiving than if it were one solid color.

If you insist on trying, make sure to check with all local suppliers—including the salvage yards that reclaim used brick—before giving up. Take a sample of your original brick with you and be prepared to walk their yards with samples in hand, as some suppliers don’t know what they have on their own yards, or may not be especially helpful for small quantity purchasers.

It makes more sense to just let your brick repair professional find the brick for you.

If an acceptable brick match is not available, other techniques can be employed as a last resort to simulate the original look, such as custom staining or harvesting.  These involve more costs, but especially if the repair is on a highly visible area, it makes good sense for maintaining your property’s value and appeal.

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