Brick Mailbox Repair Considerations

If your brick mailbox is damaged, destroyed, or otherwise in need of attention, this guide will help you get through the repairing or rebuilding process.

1.  To Repair or Rebuild? If your mailbox has been hit by a car or truck, it is likely beyond repair.  Usually it will be shifted on its base near the bottom, or lying on the ground.  If so, it should be completely rebuilt.

Image of Damaged Brick Mailbox shifted on its foundation from being hit and damaged.
This mailbox was backed into by a vehicle from across the street, shifting the structure (also notice the missing brick and rusted insert…two unrelated eyesores). It’s time to rebuild this one!

However, if the structure is only slightly damaged with a few brick dislodged, or maybe your receptacle has rusted out-  it probably makes sense to repair it rather than start over with a new structure.  Click here for more information on repairable mailbox issues.

If you have any questions, just give us a call.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions to help you determine what makes the most sense in your situation.

If your masonry mailbox can be salvaged, just make sure–as with any masonry repair–that your contractor matches both brick and mortar so the repairs will blend in once complete.

Make sure you include arrangements with your contractor to haul off mailbox debris.

2. Debris Removal (only for rebuilt mailboxes). Your contractor should haul off the brick debris and properly dispose of it.

Brick Doctor will also deliver a complimentary temporary mailbox, upon request, to serve you until the new structure is built.  Your mail deliverer will appreciate this as well.

Typically, the foundation is not damaged and can be reused, unless it is dislodged or comes up out of the ground with the structure (as shown at right).

3. Upgrades. Since even just repairing your mailbox may be expensive, you may want to consider upgrading to provide longer-lasting results, better function, or improved appearance.

Brick Mailbox With Heavy Duty Insert
Brick Mailbox With Heavy Duty Insert
  • Brick Doctor mailboxes come with a vastly improved standard mailbox insert, to more appropriately compliment the long-term life of a brick structure…no additional charge.
  • Adding a lockable security mailbox insert is a very popular upgrade, and allows you to keep your mail in a locked compartment until you arrive back home, whether it be at the end of the day…or after a two-week trip.
  • Several numbering options are available to improve appearance and visibility of your street number.

4.  Insurance Considerations. Obviously, if you know whose vehicle hit your mailbox, the liability coverage on their auto insurance will pay for reasonable costs to repair or rebuild it back to its original state (any upgrades would be at your expense).

However, if the accident was a hit & run and you can’t find the responsible party (be sure to look for pieces of the vehicle in your lawn to provide to the police as evidence…many culprits have been located nearby with damaged bumpers!), your homeowner’s insurance might be of some help.  In most cases, you would be subject to a sizable deductible though, so most homeowners don’t find their own policies to be very helpful.

5.  Warning about Prices and Prepaying. If you get a quote that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples…some will cut corners on quality, or expect you to find the matching brick, supply the mailbox, pay up front, etc..

If you are the homeowner, use extreme caution when paying contractors.  Perhaps more than on any other job, we hear often of homeowners hiring a “bricker” to repair their mailbox, paying them an amount up front, then never seeing them again.

Make sure you know who you are doing business with. Click here for practical advice for hiring contractors. A reputable contractor will always allow homeowners to pay upon completion, after you get a chance to inspect the quality of his work.

6.  “What about my mail?” you may ask.  USPS employees are not required to deliver your mail if your box is laying on the ground.  However, most are quite accommodating for a few days while you make arrangements for the repairs.

If possible, prop up the box on a pile of brick within reach, and maybe leave a note for him/her to explain that you will be taking care of it promptly.  (If he/she has been especially good to you, now might be a good time to offer a tip or a gift card to show your appreciation!)

Please give us a call or click to request more details on Brick Doctor mailboxes.  Not convinced yet? Please look over our testimonials.

For more detailed information about brick mailbox styles, see Brick Mailbox Designs.

And a last word on buying quality…

A wise buyer once quipped, “Quality, service, and price…pick your favorite two!”  If you tend to value top quality and service more than getting the “cheapest” deal, give Brick Doctor a call.  We likely won’t be the cheapest, but we do aim to be the best value.