Insurance Coverages

No responsible person would consider driving without auto insurance, yet some homeowners and small businesses regularly hire contractors without properly checking the company’s insurance.

All companies or individuals hired to perform work at your property should carry liability and accident protection (such as workers’ compensation) insurance.

Workers’ compensation is designed to pay an injured worker or contractor in case of a work-related injury, and liability insurance is designed to pay for damages to your property, or for injury to others. Both of these types of insurance coverage can help prevent lawsuits against you.

Realize that Texas law does not require these types of insurance coverage, and many contractors operate without carrying them. The only way to determine whether a contractor has insurance is to request that they have their insurance company send you a certificate of insurance directly, with your name listed as the certificate holder (see sample certificate of insurance below).

If the insurance is then cancelled before the expiration date, the insurance company will notify you in advance of the cancellation. Since forgeries and cancellations are common, never accept copies of certificates directly from contractors.

Brick Doctor considers insurance an important and necessary business expense. We believe proper coverage not only reduces our risk, but also is necessary to protect your financial interests and the health of our workers. Our insurance company will gladly provide you with proof of insurance upon request, before any work begins.