Quality Guarantee

Every good company should have a guarantee to back up the products and services they sell. We’re confident that you will be pleased with Brick Doctor in both the initial quality of the work, and its durability over time.

Generally, the industry standard for most construction trades would call for a one-year guarantee on both labor and materials. The finished work of most construction trades should last several years, but even the best contractors generally limit their liability to one year. This provides ample opportunity for you, the buyer, to thoroughly examine the work over several months, and get any potential problems corrected within a reasonable time frame.  Brick Doctor offers a three year transferrable warranty (see details below). Although masonry work should last many years, there are key variables that could cause it to fail or deteriorate prematurely, including:

  1. Utilizing brick which are soft or otherwise of poor quality
  2. Building with improper mortar (poor selection, or non-approved additives that serve to weaken the compressive strength over time)
  3. Using inappropriate construction methods.

Any of the above can cause premature problems…but there are also a few variables that may legitimately limit your masonry’s useful life. Especially in repair work, the contractor is limited in material selection to match preexisting materials—for example, soft adobe brick. Also, most masonry work is supported by a concrete foundation—designed and built by others—so if the concrete cracks, settles, or shifts, so will the brick work, at no fault of the brick mason (see discussion on expansion joints).

A good warranty will cover both labor and materials; be backed up by a proven, reliable company; and not be laden with excessive fine print. Please be wary of any new company offering a “Life-time Guarantee.” The company may not be around even next year if a problem arises. Also, when reading the fine print, it may exclude important aspects of your job, or may not be transferable if you sell your house.

The Brick Doctor Guarantee:

All Brick Doctor work is covered by a transferable warranty for a period of three years against faults or defects in materials or labor furnished by Brick Doctor unless specifically noted otherwise. Any corrections will be made within 30 days notice on substantiated claims. Crack repairs are excluded from warranty if resulting from foundation movement.

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