Smart Choices for Brick Mailbox Inserts

Considering a beautiful new brick mailbox to enhance your home?  Perhaps you have a nice one already, in need of repair?  Or maybe you’re simply annoyed that the mailbox insert is not holding up well?

When you hire a brick mason to build or repair your brick mailbox, make sure you get a quality insert.  Unfortunately, the cheap metal mailboxes usually used inside brick mailbox structures typically last only about five to ten years before beginning to rust or malfunction.  And to replace that little box usually requires tearing down and rebuilding a portion of the brick structure—a frustrating and expensive proposition. More on brick mailbox fundamentals here.

If you are building or repairing a brick mailbox, consider spending a little extra on the receptacle itself, according to your long-term needs.  It will be a good investment over time.

Locking security mailboxes that store larger amounts of mail and help prevent mail theft are also increasingly popular.

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