Commercial Masonry Repairs and Modifications

Please don’t settle for a repair that leaves your building with a patched up appearance, detracting from yours–or your tenant’s–professional image.

Picture of damaged brick around loading dock door.
Repairs to dock doors, such as at this U-Haul in Grand Prairie, are common projects for Brick Doctor.

Brick Doctor is capable of taking care of virtually any masonry repair or alteration you may need for your commercial building, guaranteeing the repairs will reasonably match the existing construction.

These projects include:

  • Repairing brick dock damage
  • Creating new door openings in CMU or brick walls
  • Eliminating old window or door openings
  • Building, repairing, or remodeling masonry signs
  • Building or repairing brick dumpster enclosures
  • Repairing and cleaning brick walkways and patios
  • Repointing deteriorated mortar joints
  • Replacing broken or damaged brick, block, or stone
  • Repairing vehicle damage to masonry walls
  • Repairing brick ovens and fireplaces
  • Repairing or building with glass block
  • Cast stone repairs
  • Creating or re-caulking expansion joints
  • Graffiti removal
  • Masonry cleaning and waterproofing
Stockyards Hotel damaged brick parapet.
Brick Doctor was asked to consult and repair the Stockyard Hotel’s Elaborate Brick Parapet which was damaged by a storm.
Stockyard Hotel Brick Parapet after Repairs
Don’t miss the elaborate masonry styling of the era. Stockyards Hotel after repairs to the wall and parapet are complete. Click to expand image.

Brick Doctor understands the unique demands of working in a commercial environment, such as: working around special time constraints, pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic, or meeting critical deadlines.

All jobs are fully insured with both general liability and group accident protection coverage, and our quality standards satisfy the scrutiny of the most demanding property owners. Any of our repairs or additions will reasonably match, or compliment, your existing architecture.

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Large Commercial Brick Sign
Major Brick signs such as this one are typically coordinated through commercial sign companies.
picture of sagging brick fence Panel
Brick Doctor has developed several techniques effective for long-lasting screening wall repairs, and has completed a variety of repairs for local municipalities and property management companies.