Pressure Washing Your Brick

Most brick walls may be cleaned safely with a pressure washer to remove many types of stains. If you have high-quality brick and mortar (not adobe, antique, or other soft brick blends; and not soft, deteriorating, or cracked mortar)- stains such as dirt, mud, or algae can often be removed without using harsh chemicals.

Many home improvement warehouses now sell or rent these machines by the hour or day, making them more accessible to those who may want to tackle the job themselves.

If you do, find one with approximately 800-2000 psi and four to six gpm (lower pressure and more water flow is better), make sure to use a broad angle tip (25 to 40 degrees), and do not allow the tip to get too close to the brick.

Always wear safety goggles and observe the manufacturer’s directions.

Use broad even strokes, keeping a uniform distance from the surface, much as if you were washing your car.

Experiment first to make sure you are not damaging the brick or mortar. While you’re at it, try it on your sidewalks and driveway, too!

Many types of stains–such as paint or graffiti, egg splatter, rust, concrete, mortar, or some types of mold or mildew–cannot be removed without proprietary chemicals or strippers.  In such cases, call a professional for best results.

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