Secure and Lockable Brick Mailbox Options

Lockable security mailboxes help eliminate mail theft and allow you to safely store several days of mail while you are away.  This increasingly popular option helps prevent identity theft and the inconvenience of stopping your mail at the Post Office while away for short periods.

Brick Doctor has installed hundreds of security mailboxes, and can install virtually any box of your choosing.  However, three proven favorites are (from smallest to largest):

1.  The Oasis Classic.  A handsome and moderately priced security mailbox that can be built into a standard-sized structure without any major modifications.  This is a very popular upgrade, even for modifying an existing brick mailbox.

The box itself measures 16″D x 11-1/2″W x 15″T, and is available in three colors.

Oasis Classic Security Box Protects Your Mail
Oasis Classic Locking Security Mailbox protects Your Mail from identify thieves. The Oasis Classic comes in a various colors

Click here for an Oasis Classic schematic

2.  The Oasis.  Slightly larger than the Oasis Classic, but can usually still be accommodated into most standard-sized brick mailbox structures.  This may be your option of choice if you receive small packages regularly, or need to slightly increase the overall volume from the Oasis Classic.

The Oasis box measures 16-1/2″D x 13-1/2″ x 20″T, and is available in four colors.

Brick mailbox with Oasis Locking Security mailbox insert.
The Oasis Locking Security Mailbox looks great supported by a beautiful and secure brick structure.

Click here for an Oasis schematic

3.  The Mailkeeper.

The ultimate curbside mailbox, period.  The mailkeeper features a huge storage compartment, durable cast aluminum construction, several functional design configurations, and four distinct decorative brass styles available on the face.

The Mailkeeper Mailbox…expensive, but well worth it for upscale residences demanding unsurpassed beauty and the largest available capacity.

Click here for MailKeeper finish styles
Click here for MailKeeper decorative choices
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We are your support team for answers to questions about security mailboxes installed in brick.

Please call us for pricing and to explore your many options.