Cracks  &  Miscellaneous Brick Repairs
Crack repairs, deteriorated brick or mortar, vehicle damage, brick around outside faucets, etc.

Brick and Masonry Arch Repairs
Cracks, loose brick, and settling of brick, stone, or cast stone in archways.

Fireplaces and Chimneys
Deterioration, lightning damage, flashing problems, chimney crowns and caps, firebox repairs.

Brick Mailboxes- Designs & Repairs
Beautiful, long-lasting brick mail boxes to closely match your house…and with unlimited design possibilities.

Brick Cleaning and Waterproofing
Cleaning mold, mildew, or even rust or paint, from brick, and helping to prevent leaks or stains from recurring.

Commercial Repairs and Modifications
Dumpster enclosures, dock door damage, closing or creating new door openings, brick signs, etc.

Other Projects
Pavers on patios, walks, steps; BBQs, columns, planter, repairs, glass block, etc.

Brick and Masonry Project Consultations
Masonry inspections and optional reports on properties for purchasing considerations, or for professional opinions regarding safety or quality issues.