Mailkeeper Configuration Options

The MailKeeper insert is the ultimate solution for anyone who is concerned about identity theft or vandalism, often travels out of town, or receives valuable or sensitive items in the mail. The MailKeeper insert installs beautifully into your choice of either brick or stone.

Your Mailkeeper will accept a package 7” x 8” x 17”.  It has an integrated flag system and the mail shelf can be removed to provide a drop chute into the large capacity storage area.

The MailKeeper has durable cast-aluminum facings and door panels attached to its heavy duty electro-galvanized steel shell. Weatherproof rubber gaskets help keep moisture from entering through doors and panels.

Brick Doctor offers three Mailkeeper insert configurations, one for street-side access only, and two which allow varying access from the back side (safer access, especially if you live on a busy street).

Diagram of the MailKeeper Model 100
The Mailkeeper Model 100 provides street-side access only to both top compartment and storage compartment.
Diagram of the Mailkeeper Model 150
The Mailkeeper Model 150 provides street-side access to top compartment and street-side and home-side access to storage compartment.